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We have heard about the availability of home doctor services all over Australia and how they help in managing urgent medical care for us at home. But what are the characteristics I should look for in an after hours doctor near me?


An after hours doctor near me is a medical professional

After-hours doctors are usually general practitioners, but if you are in need of urgent but not life-threatening medical care from a specialist, some home doctor services also have on-call medical specialists to help you. They are all board-certified and recognised by the Australian Medical Association (AMA), and their every move is being regulated by the Medical Board of Australia and the Australian Health Practitioner Agency.

An after hours doctor near me is an excellent communicator

Doctors who know what they are doing find it easy to explain what your symptoms are and how they can alleviate the discomfort you are feeling. They know how to listen to their patients’ complaints and understand that this step is critical in managing a patient’s condition. Listening to their patient’s complaints and being able to communicate their treatment plan clearly to their patients make them feel cared for and understood.



An after hours doctor near me is a patient advocate

Home doctors should know what a patient needs and be willing to provide them with the best medical services they can to help alleviate a patient’s symptoms and discomfort. If medications need to be taken, most after-hours doctors are equipped with common drugs prescribed to urgent care patients, so providing treatment can be easier and faster. It would also make it more comfortable and convenient for patients because they can already take the necessary medications to heal faster sooner. This is just an example of how an after-hours doctor near me should be ‘pro-patient’, willing to go the extra mile just to ensure that their patients feel better.


An after hours doctor near me complements my GP’s services

We know that we need the services of home doctors after clinic hours, but we should also take into account that they work hand-in-hand with our GPs instead of replacing their services. Yes! As soon as the home visit is finished, the home doctor writes a medical report about the whole consultation and relays the information to your GP. That way, your GP is kept in the loop with regard to your medical condition. Moreover, if further laboratory testing and check-ups are needed to monitor your health, your GP can continue to manage your care since he is informed about your prior home visit. This way, the continuity of care of patients is ensured.


These are just some of the characteristics a good after-hours doctor near me must possess. If you think you know a good home doctor service around the area, find these traits in your doctor so that you can be sure that you are in good hands.

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