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No one wants their children to be harmed or neglected in any way. As loving parents and relatives to kids, our number one priority is their safety and comfort at all times. But when an accident or unforeseen instance happens and they need medical attention, how can we ensure child safety after hours? Here are some common situations kids need medical help, and tips on how to address each scenario effectively.


Child safety after hours scenario #1: Skin sores and other irritation

It may be red patches, blisters, scratches, or wounds that may cause discomfort to your child. When a parent with a child crying nonstop is torn between bringing him or her to the hospital or waiting for the GP’s clinic to open the next day, he or she should contact a trustworthy home visiting doctor. An on-call house doctor inspects your child’s skin so you can get an early diagnosis and treatment for it, preventing unnecessary worsening of the situation. His services also give you the peace of mind and comfort you need to make you and your child sleep through the night.


Child safety after hours scenario #2 Muscle injury

Whether it is a sprain, strain, or a simple injury to the muscle on any part of the body, it is always essential to get a doctor’s opinion about your situation before doing anything to it. More often than not, mild muscle injuries like bumps and bruise from children are not emergency cases, so the attention of a home doctor can be beneficial for the treatment of such injuries. Prescription of pain and anti-inflammatory medication may be expected as well as instructions on how to provide home remedies for pain and discomfort, such as the application of hot and cold compresses.


Child safety after hours scenario #3 Gastrointestinal upset

Home visiting doctors often get calls from anxious parents of children complaining of abdominal pain. Common causes may be colic, constipation, hyperacidity, or indigestion.  These after-hours doctors can provide necessary medical attention and treatment for acute abdominal discomfort. However, it is imperative to visit the nearest hospital’s emergency department if your child shows severe symptoms like loss of consciousness, fever, severe stomach pains, and vomiting, as these symptoms may need immediate medical care.



Child safety after hours scenario #4 Cough and colds

Many kids also suffer from an occasional cough and colds caused by different factors. Allergies, bacteria, or viral infections may result in a dry or productive cough and colds that may make it difficult for your child to breathe. Monitor your kid’s condition periodically to make sure that his or her symptoms are warranting the services of a home doctor but are not severe enough to need an emergency consultation.



Child safety after hours scenario #5 Fever

Getting high body temperature is your body’s normal defence mechanism against certain factors that may harm the body. Extreme hot or cold weather and the presence of infection may be some of the reasons why people have a fever. It is not the disease or illness itself, but an underlying symptom of physical discomfort. So if your child develops a fever, be aware of what caused it. Contact your trusted home visiting doctor service so they can diagnose your child accurately and provide treatment when needed. They can also provide tips and home remedies on how to lower your child’s fever.

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