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Trips to your family doctor are very important in making sure that a medical professional is monitoring your health status. They are considered your point of contact in situations where you need someone to assess your health condition and give you specific treatments that can address the issues and symptoms. But is a doctor home visit being practiced by family doctors?


Family Medicine

Family physicians are the doctors who address the general needs of each individual in a family. Also called the primary care physicians, their practice includes:

  • Following your family’s life cycle
  • Monitoring and recording your medical history
  • Diagnosing minor or common diseases and referring you to specialists for severe or major medical conditions
  • Performing immunisations and other preventative medical procedures.
  • Recommending annual screenings and tests


What is A Doctor Home Visit?

home doctors

Home doctor service is a medical procedure that countries like Australia practices in order to ensure that everyone gets medical attention even I the comfort of their homes. It is a deputizing program where a licensed doctor visits a house, hospice, nursing home, or an aged care facility in order to assess and diagnose a patient who is too weak to go and move because of a non-life-threatening condition.


Why Do Doctors Do Home Visits?

Home doctor services are necessary nowadays because of these reasons:

They make medical consultations convenient. Imagine just calling for an appointment and waiting for a doctor to ring your doorbell to get your diagnosis and treatment in the comfort of your home. Moreover, home doctor services are bulk-billed. So, if you are Medicare or DVA cardholders, you would not need to worry about paying for your consultation out of your own pocket.

Medical assessment becomes more accurate. Doctors in hospitals oftentimes rush consultations because a lot of patients are waiting outside his clinic doors. With a home doctor visit, your doctor can concentrate and focus his attention on your health condition alone, so efficient history taking and examination can be performed.

Patient congestion in hospital emergency departments becomes manageable. No more waiting in line just to wait for an ER doctor to check on you. Likewise, doctors can now focus their attention and care to those who need them more, i.e. critically-ill patients who need immediate care.


Doctor Home Visit From Your Family Doctor

home doctors on callWhat circumstances allow your family doctor to visit your home for a doctor home visit? We see this scenario frequently in period movies – a doctor wearing a black hat, carrying a black bag assesses a rich bedridden patient. This scenario was how doctors typically check their patients long ago since hospitals are scarce and often difficult to be accessed by the patients. Recently, countries like Australia are reviving this practice in order to facilitate proper medical care and attention based on the patient’s need.

Home visiting doctors are reached through a hotline where patients request for a home doctor to visit them for assessment and treatment. Trained call operators triage these patients based on priority and dispatches doctors as soon as possible to address their concerns. They normally offer their services after clinic hours and during the holidays and weekends, where doctor clinics and offices are closed. Getting a home doctor visit ensures that the continuity of care is preserved and that your best intentions are put to mind.

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