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Anyone who has a phone and is in medical need can virtually ask for the services of a home call doctor. The home doctor service program is dedicated to delivering medical care in the comfort of the patient’s own home. But who usually needs a home call doctor? And how can a home doctor services attend to their needs?


What is a home doctor service?

home doctorsWith the increasing demand for convenience in just about any aspect of our lives, the need to have a home doctor service potentially grows as well. But what is this medical service all about?

A home doctor service is a medical consultation done at a patient’s house. This practice is not a newly-developed procedure. In fact, the standards for these medical services date back in the 1930s. Doctors in those days often visit their patients at home instead of seeing them in hospitals and clinics. However, science and technology paved the way for the invention and innovation of may medical machines and gadgets that can only be used in medical institutions, so the home doctor service became obsolete, until now.


What can we get from a home doctor service?

Some may say that home doctor services and programs may be a luxury, but now that patient-centred services are being prioritised by medical associations, and convenience is now a necessary requirement in all aspects of life, home doctor visits are not a form of lavishness but are considered a necessity. Let us reiterate its importance and advantages of having a home call doctor.


Home doctor services are convenient

Getting treated inside the comfort of your house without getting into heavy traffic, and the hassle of waiting for a medical practitioner to attend to your needs – what more can you ask for, really?


A home call doctor is reliable

Home doctor services all over Australia employ board-certified medical doctors, the same professionals who treat patients in hospitals and clinics. They are the same medical practitioners roaming around the hospitals taking care of the sick, so you can be sure that their medical services are reliable and valid, even when it’s done inside your house.


Medical assistance from a home call doctors is versatile

A home doctor service, like Home Doctors Sydney, not only provides services that give the proper assessment, diagnosis, and treatment to your condition; the program also provides a prescription for a drug if needed to make you feel better.  The home visiting doctor can also provide you with necessary initial doses so that you may feel better sooner.


home visits continuity of careIt promises continuity of care

Most patients rely on home call doctors when their family doctor is unavailable. So, after your home visit, home doctors make sure that your GP gets a copy of a medical report about your treatment. This brief but concise medical report keeps your doctor in the loop in case follow-up consultations and other additional medical attention are needed.


Home doctor service is affordable

Unlike the olden days when only aristocrats seek the assistance of home doctors because their fees are relatively high, home doctor services, like the ones offered by Home Doctors Sydney are now bulk-billed. This payment scheme means that Medicare and DVA card holders can make use of the services for free!


Home doctor service helps hospitals

As mentioned earlier, patients who need urgent but not life-threatening conditions would still opt to be seen by doctors in hospitals when home doctor services have yet to be revived. Yes, home doctor services help hospitals cater to emergency cases better. How? Well, instead of having hospital doctors check non-emergency patients complaining about mild body pain or a rash that suddenly appeared on your child’s back, home call doctor can shoulder that for them. The hospital team can then solely focus on attending to severely sick patients who need immediate care and attention. This is also why the government supports home doctor service since they help manage patient prioritisation to lessen the hospital’s patient congestion and traffic.

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