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When the news broke about the worldwide spread coronavirus infection from China, every region close to this powerful country panicked. Imagine its magnitude that countries thousands of miles away from China like France and Italy reported cases as well. With that said, unfortunately, it is no surprise that our country also reported confirmed cases of coronavirus infection. How could a reliable home doctor service here in NSW help in this scenario? What can a house call doctor provide to limit the spread of this viral infection?


Coronavirus overview

Where else should we start our problem-solving agenda than to know what our opponent is? Coronavirus is a family of viruses that usually attack the respiratory system of the host. As we all know, viruses cannot live alone; they need a host to survive. Some viruses attack animals or people only. In the case of this new strain of coronavirus, it first attacked an animal and then mutated in order to transmit to humans. Former coronavirus outbreaks that happened within the 21st century were the SARS and MERS-COV.



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The latest coronavirus outbreak, named COVID-19, started in Wuhan, China in December 2019. A seafood market selling live animals and meat products was found to be ground zero, and the culprit for the outbreak is still undecided. According to some researchers, the virus must have come from bats, the same way SARS afflicted humans. It then passed the virus to other animals like snakes, pangolins, or civet cats. This theory was developed because no bats were being sold in ground zero, making scientists and doctors believe that the virus stuck to the meat and other animal resources that people were selling in the vicinity.


What the Australian government does

Before the end of January 2020, the World Health Organisation declared that the COVID-19 outbreak as a public health emergency for international concern. All countries affected or us susceptible to the infection should perform their own strategies to ensure that safety and security of their people. Our government has issued travel bans and updated travel advice when going out of the country. Anyone from China has been banned from entering the country at first, but as the tally for coronavirus cases in China decreases, the ban is expected to gradually relax to allow students and permanent residents to come back.


Ways to combat viral infection

COVID-19 is like any other respiratory viral infection. It presents flu-like symptoms that are considered milder than its predecessors (SARS and MERS-COV). However, what makes it alarming is that it is way faster and more aggressive with regard to the spread of the virus. The government has been very informative about everything that you need to know about the virus. So what can you or even a home doctor service do about it?


A home doctor service can help in preventing the spread of the disease by:


Home doctor services in the comfort of your home

Your symptoms may be mild, but you may be a great carrier of the virus, so isolating you from other people is a good way to prevent the spread of the infection.


A home doctor service can provide the necessary medications

handwashing to prevent infectionIn cases when viral infections are rampant, a home doctor is equipped with the necessary information and medication to help you fight the disease itself. Flu vaccines during flu seasons can be administered by a home doctor. He can also give you tips on how to protect yourself from getting the virus.

  • Washing of hands
  • Covering mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing
  • Avoid contact with farm animals, pets or wild in general.


A home doctor service can help you get in touch with the nearest hospital or quarantine facility

Calling a home doctor service hotline can alert the triage team if you are indeed in need of a home doctor or if your symptoms require further testing and assessment from a hospital. They can either get in touch with an ambulance service or recommend that you go straight to the emergency department instead of waiting from a doctor to be dispatched so immediate assessment and diagnosis can be reached.


What other information do I need about COVID-19?

  • Make yourself updated with current information about the travel advisory if you wish to go out of the country
  • Stay updated with how coronavirus is affecting our country
  • If you have questions about the coronavirus you can contact your state or territory public health agency or the national virus hotline:
    1. Coronavirus Health Information Line: 1800 020 080
    2. New South Wales: 1300 066 055

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