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You may have seen it in the movies shot in older times where doctors attend to sick or dying patients in their houses, carrying their black bag with a stethoscope in hand. This practice has been set aside for quite some time due to its apparent notion of extravagance or pointless need. Also, an increase in medical specialisation prompted doctors and patients to have their consultations in hospitals or clinics where appropriate gadgets and machines are available. That is why when modern technology paved the way for more and more hospitals to rise and cater to every medical problem a patient may have, it seems that a house call doctor service is old-fashioned and useless.

But now, house call doctor services are gradually making a comeback. Why is this medical service beginning to make noise again in Australia? How does it work?  Why is the government supporting home doctor services? Let us all find out.



House call doctor service: How does it work?

A home doctor service is basically a medical consultation between a doctor and a patient in the comfort of their own home. Whenever you feel sick, and your doctor or regular GP is unavailable, you can call a home visiting doctor service to request for medical attention. A house call doctor gets dispatched to your address, and the consultation can happen without you leaving the house.



What are the advantages of house call doctor service?

It is convenient. Getting treated inside your house without experiencing traffic, and the hassle of waiting in line for hospital staff to attend to your needs – isn’t that the meaning of convenience?

It is reliable. House call doctor services all over Australia employ board-certified medical doctors who also treat patients in hospitals and clinics nationwide. They are the same doctors that roam around the hospitals taking care of the sick, so you can be sure that their medical services are reliable and valid.

It is all-around. House call doctor services not only diagnose and treat your condition; if a prescription for a generic drug is needed to make you feel better, the home visiting doctor can also provide you with necessary initial doses so that you may feel better sooner.

It is complementary to your GP’s services. After your home consultation, your GP gets a copy of a medical report about your treatment. This report keeps your doctor in the loop in case follow-up consultations and other additional medical attention is required.

It is affordable. Unlike its old reputation of being expensive that only rich people can avail themselves of home visits, house call doctor services are now bulk-billed, this means that Medicare and DVA card holders can make use of the services for free!

It helps hospitals. Yes, house call doctor services help hospitals cater to emergency cases better. Instead of checking non-emergency patients about a simple body pain or a rash that suddenly appeared on your child’s back, the hospital team can solely focus on attending to severely sick patients who need immediate care and attention. This is also why the government support house call doctor services since they help manage patient prioritisation to lessen the hospital’s emergency department traffic.



Now that many house call doctor services are available in every state and city in Australia, anyone can benefit from convenient medical attention after hours. Make sure to secure a copy of a nearby home visiting doctor service’s hotline so that when the need arises, you would know who to call.


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